Moreza has produced over 120 Artworks; including Oil Paintings, 3D Art, Digital Mixed Media & Expressionist Carta Antica that he has been working on since 2008. The 120 Artworks fall into a few different collections of “Crimson Moon”, “Serie de Miss Guitar”, “Poetry Art”, “Collection du Vin” , “Digital Mixed Media Paintings" & his "Expressionist Carta Antica" Collection.

A selected number of the paintings are showcased on this website and Moreza is working towards completion of his Art Catalouge & Certificates and has also recently opened his physical Boutique Art Gallerie in Tehran.

Visitors are welcome to to Book their Appointments to Gallerie by appointment.

Highlights of Moreza’s Art Potfolio includes group exhibitions at the prestigious ”Ecole De Louvre” in Paris & “atelier Tammam” in London; VIP Invitation to Arte Monaco in 2015 & 2016, Arte & Mercato - Premio editoriale INTERNATIONAL PRIX - Artist in the World 2017, Arte Genova 2019.

On September, 14th, 2019; Moreza received #1 Gran Premio Monaco "Oscar della Creativita" Award at Hotel de Paris Monte Carlo.

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